Shifting Gears & Changing Lanes …


Whether an organization is growing or simply moving in a new direction, change is inevitable and happens at a dizzying pace. Shifting Gears & Changing Lanes will provide the tools to effectively navigate the road to change.

Through this program, attendees will:

  • Create powerful and productive expectations.
  • Find out the 4 major reactions to change and how to leverage them.
  • Establish rewarding new mindsets.
  • Discover the top 15 reasons why people don’t take action.
  • Overcome the 4 major fears that get in the way of change.
  • Break out of old roles, habits and beliefs.
  • Learn proven methods to embrace the new and let go of the old.

Shifting Gears & Changing Lanes will enable people to accept change, confront their fears and move forward in a positive direction. Change is inevitable. Why not embrace it?

… Down-Shift and Steer in a New Direction!