Jay Gubrud has had a passion for cars and driving since he was five years old. He gets numerous car magazines a month and is familiar with virtually every model of car sold in the USA. He is fascinated with people’s behavior on the road and how it directly correlates to the office. Jay believes that you are what you drive and that your driving habits reflect a lot about your personality.

Jay has taken his passion for driving and developed six energizing, entertaining and educational programs that use cars and driving as a theme …

Jumping in the Driver’s Seat

Program Emphasis: Leadership. Create leaders at all levels of your organization!
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Rev Up Your Relationships

Program Emphasis: Relationships and Team Building. Develop your colleague, client & customer relationships!
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Rev Up the Supplier/Planner Relationship

Program Emphasis: Meetings Industry. Build the bridge between Suppliers and Planners!
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Rev Up the Member(Affiliate)/Supplier(Associate) Relationship

Program Emphasis: Associations. Build the bridge between Members and Suppliers!
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Shifting Gears & Changing Lanes

Program Emphasis: Managing Change. Effectively navigate the inevitable process of change!
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Road Rage in the Office

Program Emphasis: Conflict Management. Make conflict work for you, not against you!
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Speed Traps, Pot Holes & Idiots

Program Emphasis: Success. Eliminate the everyday roadblocks to your success!
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