Rev Up the Member(Affiliate)/Supplier(Associate) Relationship


More than ever, today’s associations require working together as a team and getting closer to members(affiliates) and suppliers(associates). Rev Up the Member/Supplier Relationship will introduce a progressive thoroughfare for affiliates and associates to further improve personal and professional productivity. It will illustrate specific strategies and a powerful approach for members and suppliers to connect with each other. This program works best when both members and suppliers attend!

Through this program, attendees will:

  • Find out what members and suppliers like from each other.
  • Better understand the daily challenges members and suppliers face.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people.
  • Discover how to have healthy conflict.
  • Create an environment of trust and respect.
  • Make powerful connections between potential and existing suppliers and members.

Come prepared to share your thoughts and learn proven strategies for even greater success. Rev Up the Member/Supplier Relationship is a proven method for creating strong ties that will increase productivity and drive you to new heights.

… Drive Your Conference to New Heights!