Bumper Sticker

bumper sticker
Benefit: Enhanced relationships. Better communication, less conflict, reduced criticism, cohesive teams and boards, more control.

Description: How come it is always the other person who is the bad driver? Especially in tough economic times. It is easy to blame others for relationship difficulties. Now you can set the tone for your interpersonal relationships. You can reduce friction, conflict and stress from your relationships with this tool. Replace them with respect, dignity, progress and results!

Post this sticker in your cubicle or office, on your committee binder, in your meeting room and many other places. You can declare an atmosphere of respect, dignity, respect and the appreciation of different persectives! By doing so, it sets the tone and context for how you plan to conduct your relationship with coworkers, board of directors or members.

Sold in quantities of 10

Investment:$20.00 for 10, plus shipping and handling


Change Box

change box
Benefit: Accountability tool

Description: Making change is not easy, why do you think 78% of New Year’s resolutions fail! Change used to be a periodic event and has now become an ongoing process. In these economic times, change is mandatory! To assist Jay Gubrud Inc. has developed the Change Box.

Whole corporations, departments and individuals have used the Change Box to reinforce the change process. The concept is simple. Through conscious recognition, consistent reminders and mental imaging people can successfully use the Change Box to accomplish extremely rewarding and profitable new behaviors and results. Invest in yourself today by ordering them for your whole organization, department, board of directors, members or friends.

“Hi Jay – I came to your session at the CFG Workforce Conference and am wondering how I can get more change boxes. My change box sits on my desk and I have already achieved the changes I needed to make that I wrote at the end of September (and they were not easy!) Now my company is growing and we want to challenge our employees to change. We are looking for more boxes to introduce at a company meeting.”

Sold in quantities of 10

Investment:$25.00 for 10, plus shipping and handling