General Association Quotes

“Jay, the following are just a few of the great comments I thought you would be interested in seeing.

 One of WSAE’s BEST presentations to date!, This was such an inspirational presentation! Terrific speaker!!, Great information useful to everyone!, Walked away feeling refreshed and energized. 

I know how busy your schedule is Jay, so I really appreciate your taking the time to share your wisdom, experience and energy with us.”

            Patty Anderson, Executive Director, Washington Society of Association Executives

“His presentation “Shifting Your Ideas into Action” was entertaining, informative, and a great way to keep the full day education momentum going. Jay was able to not only engage the audience with his humor, but also with his dynamic and inspirational message.

The staff was able to hear the audience’s enjoyment through laughter and response to Jay’s message in addition to hearing from attendees directly afterwards.

We highly recommend Jay as a speaker.”

Sarah Rosenberger, Membership & Communication Coordinator, Indiana Society of Association Executives

“It was a complete pleasure to have Jay speak at the MSAE OrgPro Annual Convention.  With comments like “Jay was a great speaker”, he was definitely spot on.  He provided practical tools our members could use as soon as they left the session.  I would be happy to recommend Jay to other ASAE Chapters!”

Nichole Tilma, Director of Professional Development and Special Events, Michigan   Society of Association Executives

“As you will see from the compiled evaluation of the program, your session was extremely well received by attendees.  I had an unbelievable amount of positive and excited feedback from attendees after your session.  Even in the short time we met, I was impressed by your energy and wit and felt like I had missed something special.  We will definitely have to invite you back!”

Penny Murphy, President & CEO of Empire State Society of Association Executives

“As I watched people’s body language, I could tell he had them captivated!  His speaking style is entertaining with substance.  He made people laugh, but also made them think.  A great combination for early morning…or any time of day for that matter!”

Darlyne Erickson, Past Education Coordinator, Midwest Society of Association   Executives

“I was so excited you could fit AENC in, it appeared from those in attendance that your message really hit home.  I think people appreciated your message at this time.”

Jim Thompson, Executive Director of Association Executives of North Carolina

“Many, Many Thanks!  Your seminar last week on” Speed Traps, Pot Holes and Idiots” for WSAE was fabulous!  Just what we were looking for!  I heard great comments from attendees on how helpful and timely your information was-and how you presented it with such flair!”

Donna Cameron, Past Executive Director, Washington Society of Association Executives