Sales Quotes

“Each year the upcoming Auto Show is a catalyst for the upcoming season and this year it was a huge success, due in part to the information, excitement and motivation you brought our group.”

 ”It’s not too often that an individual will step up and engage a car sales person and that is exactly what you did!  The group will forever remember, “I am THINKING the same thing about you!”  Thanks for all your help!”

          Ryan Andrist, Chrysler/BBDO

“Thank you for helping us embrace change and overcome the obstacles we face on a daily basis.  Your subject matter was very relevant and unique.  More important is the fact that you are helping us to be accountable for change too.” 

“Everyone in the sales group found the time we spent together beneficial and inspirational.  I look forward to working with you again in the future!”

          Todd Jacobs, Sales Manager, Abraham Technical

“The Catholic Aid Association would like to thank you for providing a stimulating and motivating presentation at our Summer Sales Conference.  Your presentation brought home the importance of overcoming roadblocks and negativity in our daily lives that affect our performance and productivity.”

“I greatly apprciate that you took the time before hand to learn something about the Catholic Aid Association and sales force so that you could better tailor your presentation to our attendees.”

“Thank you again for a worthwile and most motivating presentation!”

          Thomas Schisler, Catholic Aid Association, Director of Sales

“We are experiencing tremendous change in our industry.  You provided valuable and practical ideas that will help us move from surviving to thriving.  Your pre-program research really showed the audience your interest in their needs, the message was right on target!”

          Rick Siegel, President, Northwest Salesmen’s Association

“On behalf of the Professional Sales Association, let me thank you for the great presentation at our meeting.”

“You were a big hit!  Your message of “Shifting Gears and Changing Lanes” was entertaining, educational and though provoking.  The feedback from our members has been very positive!”

          Don Salverda, Program Chair, Professional Sales Association