Real Estate Quotes

“I just wanted to say Thank You for your great presentation at our 2010 Leadership Summit.  Jumping in the Drivers Seat was a great keynote for the incoming leadership from all around the state of Minnesota.  With all the unknowns facing our REALTOR leaders, you were able to refocus them on their leadership skills and personal productivity!  I would recommend your program highly to other organizations!”

Carrie Andersen, VP of Member Services, MN Association of REALTORS

“From a meeting planner perspective, it was so helpful to work with someone who was prompt in providing anything that was needed, and someone who took the time to customize the presentation to our audience.”

Pamela Haire, Director of Professional Development, North Carolina Association of

“The president of our organization said, ‘Everyone said it was the best meeting we’ve ever had. I think so too. They really related to Jay’s message.’ I could tell from our first contact that you were a professional speaker that I could count on. It is really great to work with a speaker that tells you what to expect and then follows through. You did this from start to finish, and it was greatly appreciated. Thank you also for getting our group engaged and uplifted… not a small task at this time.  You had our staff members laughing and yet getting the message. “

          Nancy A. Berry, CAE, CMP, Director of Meetings & Events at Pinella Realtor

“The eyes of the audience told me how interesting you were – you had our full attention. I’m certain that no one there felt that he or she was being lectured about change, yet no one could go away without giving some thought to providing better customer service through change.”

Richard W. Barkett, Chief Executive Officer of Realtor Association of Greater Fort Lauderdale

“One hundred percent of the audience rated your program ‘excellent’ and we are a tough group. Many said you presented ideas they can easily implement in their office. It was also a pleasure to work with a ‘non high maintenance’ speaker. You were great! I would be glad to refer other associations to your program.”

Carolyn Gardner, Director of Local Leadership Services, Florida Association of Realtors

“Thank you for your presentation at our Leadership Summit, members walked away happy to be given new insights into their roles as leaders and mentors.  Your passion for your work showed in the presentation.”

“Thank you once again for bringing this valuable information to our members!”

            Michelle Ahrens, CEO Executive Assistant, Realtor Association of Sioux Empire