Financial Quotes

“Thanks for your work at the Target Financial Leadership Conference.  It was clear the audience was right with you, taking notes and finding the information useful.  I have been looking through the evaluations and your scores are very high.  Here are just a couple comments:

          “Great speakers help to make the meetings productive.  Jay did a great job!”

          “Jay rocked!  Very inspirational!”

“I appreciate how willing you were to adapt yourself to our needs.  Thanks for being a part of our team, and hopefully we can work together again in the future.”

          Allison Circle, Director of Strategic Communications, Jack Morton Worldwide

“Clever. Good exercise… He did a great job of addressing questions and using techniques he spoke of to win over participants. Great session.”

          Attendee, MN CPA Management and Business Conference

“Good methods of dialing into perception vs reality.  Knowledgeable and entertaining.”
Attendee, ND CPA Management and Business Conference

“Your knowledge of the subject was very evident based on the feedback I received from attendees.  Many positive comments were made as well:  Interactive, energetic and kept our attention, Communicated well and Subject matter applies to everyone and most could benefit.  It was a pleasure working with both you and Lizzy in planning this successful event.”

          Letha Henderson, Education Chair, Institute of Internal Auditors,Fox Valley Chapter

“I very much enjoyed the presentation as well.  Jay was fun and engaging and he was also accommodating and easy to work with.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jay Gubrud as a presenter!”

Scott A. Blankenship, 1st Vice President, Central Illinois Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors

“We especially enjoyed your “Jumping in the Driver’s Seat” presentation.  Over 90% of our group gave you the highest approval rating because we felt we could apply this information both to our work and personal lives.

Thanks again for speaking at our December meeting and making it a great success.  We will definitely recommend your presentation to other professional organizations.”

Sue Harms, Committee Member, Construction Financial Management Association –   South Dakota

 “I liked his upbeat speech!  Excellent sense of humor and very knowledgeable due to global connections.  Jay presented a lot of excellent, thought-provoking ideas. A great session.”
Attendees – NC CPA Members in Business & Industry Conference

“Thank you for making the VSCPA Annual Meeting a success… In fact, they all raved about your presentation…  In your case, our expectations were exceeded by far.”

          Deborah L. Riley, Executive Director, VT CPA