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You don’t close your eyes when you are driving, never use your signals or pretend there are no other drivers on the road!  However, I believe, some people treat their jobs this way.  They think their job and the company they work for will always be there, but this is not necessarily true.  When you are driving your car, you are aiming it as you travel down the road.  You have a starting point, route, and destination.  As you drive each day you pay attention to your surroundings, road conditions, laws, other drivers, etc.  That is how you get where you want safely and on time.  The same is true in the office, each day you can successfully AIM to keep yourself there.  Here is a three step technique I recommend you think about and put into action every day!

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Neglect, Power Struggles and Control Freaks!

Dear Jay,

Over the past year I have been harassed, berated in public meetings, threatened with lawsuits and my job has been threatened by a certain individual.

I recently attended your talk entitled ‘Jumping in the Driver’s Seat’ and would like to share some of my thoughts and learning experiences that relate to this person and situation. A little over a year ago I became the manager of a struggling environmental protection organization governed by a large Board of Directors. To protect all parties, let’s call the organization Longevity Of a Viable Earth, LOVE.

In my opinion, LOVE’s previous manager, whom I replaced, was beyond negligent in his duties. As a result weeds took root in our systems and the organization teetered on the brink of non-existence. The contract between this manager and LOVE was terminated and a new administrative manager was required posthaste. I was their choice. I recognized the phenomenal potential of LOVE if it succeeds and I was not afraid of failure. Failure is something that has happened to me before. I survived it but also made the choice to learn from it for the better…article continues here

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Assume the Best!

In today’s fast paced and pressurized world, in my opinion, it becomes EASY to assume the worst.  To assume the driver of the car that cut over two lanes and exited at the last minute is a complete idiot.  Or that the person whose report you are waiting for is trying to sabotage your success.

Unlike many politicians today, I am asking you to do the HARD thing … Assume the Best!  Some people seem to be a natural or better at this than others.  I believe, however, that it can be an acquired skill for all of us.

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