Agriculture Quotes

“I sincerely thank you for speaking at our annual meeting.  The membership was thrilled with your positive energy and ability to connect.
I could tell that we had made the correct decision in booking you the first time that I talked to you.  You have a genuine desire to prepare ahead of time and really get to know your audience.  This was apparent within the first 10 minutes of your presentation.
The verbal feedback on your presentation “Shifting Gears and Changing Lanes” was all positive.  A particularly amazing feat when you consider the diverse background of the members represented at our meeting.
Thank you once again for being so very genuine and relationally driven in your connection with the group.   You were one of the most personable speakers that I have ever worked with.  I would wholeheartedly recommend you to any association for their next event.”

   Matt Fenske, President, Northern Seed Trade Association

“In my travels around the country I attend a lot of conferences and hear a lot of great speakers.  And most are pretty good.  However, I sat in on a great presentation at a meeting recently…[Jay Gubrud] He’s a lot of fun, has a great message, presents a very interactive program, and is an accomplished speaker. “

Pat Miller, Director, State Affairs, American Seed Trade Association

 “I want to thank you for a fine leadership presentation at our recent convention. The attendees gained some very useful information and insight…you did a great job of holding their attention and the preparation was good…Thanks again for your participation and for your role in a very positive convention experience for the attendees.”

          Bob Zelenka, Executive Director, Minnesota Grain and Feed Assn.

Thank you for doing a tremendous job at our AgVantage National User Conference! Both of your presentations: ‘Rev Up Your Business Relationships’ and ‘Shifting Gears and Changes Lanes’ were a wonderful way to start and end our conference.”

          Lori Campbell, Conference Coordinator, AgVantage Software, Inc.